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The Indiana Jones Adventure in California

About 3 year(s) ago by Holiday Inn Express & Suites - Anaheim Resort Area
The Indiana Jones Adventure in California
If you’re a regular theme park visitor and you still haven’t found a thrill ride that has really challenged you, there’s a better than even chance that you haven’t experienced the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.
Designed to emulate the mega-hit movie franchise of the same name, this raucous ride begins in an Enhanced Motion Vehicle. The jaunty jeep seats a dozen passengers (aka 1930s-era tourists) and features an onboard computer that will guide you through the stupendous film sets as you’re bombarded by some of the finest effects you’ll ever have the pleasure of being bombarded by.
Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll encounter when you embark on the one-of-a-kind Indiana Jones Adventure. You’ll begin in an ancient temple and then make your way through several dark caverns that feature sharp spikes, imposing skeletons, and strange drawings on the walls. Once you’ve survived the caverns, you’ll be treated to an old-time newsreel that will set the stage for the story that follows.
Apparently, the site that Indiana Jones excavated has become a major tourist attraction as it’s filled to the brim with treasures along with Mara, the idol of the temple. You’ll be given a simple warning: Whatever you do, don’t look into Mara’s eyes. Once the newsreel concludes, you’ll be whisked away to the Chamber of Destiny where Mara (and your destiny) awaits. Be prepared to be deluged with crackling lights and confronted by slithering snakes.
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